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Mudcat Entertainment, LLC

Our Goals


Welcome, Mudcat Entertainment, LLC has greatly advanced in the past few years and is proud to be of  service for your booking needs. 

Mudcat Entertainment is an independent booking  agency of entertainment located in 

West Monroe, Louisiana.

We specialize in booking entertainment for your private party, birthday, country club, night club, bike rally, 

or any event that requires superb entertainment. 

Mudcat Entertainment has premium  bands and Dj's  (disc jockey or karaoke) that we independently book to accommodate your music needs.

Call  Mudcat Entertainment at  318-376-9355 

in West Monroe, Louisiana to book your entertainment today

The Future


At the end of the day, the work we enjoy the most is when the audience feels connected to the entertainment we provide.  There's nothing more gratifying in this industry than seeing positive results.

Support Live Music


This company supports the needs of live music and looks forward to providing the perfect entertainment for your needs as well.

Enjoy the ride...

The Music


The Kentucky Headhunters

*Mudcat Entertainment, LLC is an independent broker for the Kentucky Headhunters*

The Kentucky Headhunters, comprised of Southern rock, rock and a rustic twist of blues,  that will make your ears stand up and of both rock and country music travel far and near to hear the boys from the Bluegrass state. Originating from the hills of Kentucky, The Kentucky Headhunters has entertained thousands from as far North as Canada down to the swamps of the Louisiana marsh.

It all began in 1968, when brothers Fred and Richard Young began playing together with their cousins Greg Martin and Anthony Kenney in their grandmother's charming old house nestled against the backdrop of blue skies and a crisp country setting. When Mark Orr later joined them, the band was called the Itchy Brothers. More than a decade later, the guys decided to peruse different avenues. 

Richard Young, with his outgoing personality, led him to write songs for Acuff-Rose, while Fred Young went on tour with country singer artist Sylvia. 

Greg Martin joined country music crooner, Ronnie McDowell's band, while Anthony Kenney went in a different direction .

In 1985, Martin wanted to get the band back together. Not all members decided to re-band, so when Kenney declined to rejoin the group, Martin looked up an old friend he met while touring with McDowell,  Doug Phelps. Phelps joined in and a new barn was raised!!... hence,  The Kentucky Headhunters.

The Headhunter's hits include, 1989's "Dumas Walker", 1990's "Oh, Lonesome Me" and a host of dirt kickin' country and Southern rock music to curl your hair! The Kentucky Headhunter's newest creation and 12th album, "Dixie Lullabies" has kept these boys on tour and raising cane with fans across the country! 


Louisiana Swamp Donky

From the Hills and the Mud Holes of North Louisiana, emerges one of  the South's best kept secrets. They call themselves, LOUISIANA SWAMP  DONKY. With their own brand of "SOUTHERN FRIED ROCKIN' COUNTRY" you will  find yourself stomping your feet right along with them as they take you  on a real life journey of what it means to be a TRUE HARDCORE COUNTRY  BOY.

Their roots run deep, their family tree is strong, and their music  is honest. Listen as they share their stories of the good old days, real  life struggles, heartbreaking losses, and an encouraging message of  truth that reminds us that anything is possible if we work hard enough  and dream big enough.

Described as ONE PART COUNTRY, ONE PART ROCK, AND ALL PARTS  SOUTHERN, these boys give it their all and hold nothing back. From their  driving new track entitled "Southern Way" to the heartfelt message of  "Right Where We Belong", there seems to be something for EVERYONE to  enjoy. Louisiana Swamp Donky invites you to fill up your favorite MASON  JAR and join them in a toast as they salute their fans and the exciting  road ahead.


Bryan Martin & The Silverado Drifters

Bryan Martin "A voice For the working man".... "If I could sum up the way I feel it would be a mix between Passion of real music and struggle of real life" all I know is working hard and telling the story of where I've been and  Keeping Traditional Country alive along the way... I Grew up in Grand Cane LA, but live in Timpson Tx Now.. I've opened for legends such as Mickey Gilley, Johnny Lee, Doug Stone, Shenandoah, Allen Frizzell, Jeff Bates, Wayne Toups, and many more.. I have 25,000 followers on FB and my biggest Hit was my song "Oilfield Dad" with over 1 million views on YouTube and over 5 million views on FB.. my latest single "Blending Memories & Whiskey" I wrote it and it was produced by Bou Boyz Entertainment.. I wrote this song to show my influence from the legends like Vern,Haggard, Jones and the ones I grew up on... My Mother Used to sing with a band and she sung with Faron Young, David Houston, Allison Crousse and others... I grew up listening to her sing and I sang growing up.. but as I got older I stepped into real world and went to work on a drilling Rig I've been doing that since I was 18 yrs old and still do it today and write music in between my hitches.. I have a Beautiful wife of 10 years and 4 Children 2 boys 2 girls that are my Drive and inspiration to catch the dream I have been chasing so long... I've seen poverty, and prosperity, I've been high and I've been at the lowest of lows... found out that the Good Lord has the answers and he puts my pain in the songs... I just hold the pen.. through the struggle of Addiction, heartbreak, and life I have found the most beautiful songs.. and I wouldn't trade any of it for nothing.. because I wouldn't have made it where I am.. without being where I've been... BM

The Artist



Smackwater is a 5 piece band based in the Monroe, LA area. The members have a combined 200+ years of experience in playing live music. Smackwater can bring the best in music to any setting, weddings, night clubs, balls, casinos,conventions and festivals. Any place where fun and music are present! The band moves quickly and easily from song to song leaving no "down time" between songs and giving the venue more music for their money! The bands playlist consists of hundreds of songs including classic rock, R&B, Swamp Pop, Cajun, and country. And if requested, other live instrumentation like horns can be added.  So, for the very best in live party music, you won't go wrong with Smackwater!



Nashville South is a rocking country band from South Louisiana and the surrounding region.  The Band has established a distinguished history in the short time they have been together.  Their musical sound is that of the newer rocking country with some of the true classics that could never be forgotten. This band is rock solid and is extreme entertainment.

Black Water Brake


Black Water Brake plays what we like to call “HonkyBlueRockCountryTonk”.

Some of our influences are Merle Haggard, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Hank Williams Jr., Stevie Ray Vaughn, and CCR, just to name a few.

We are based out of West Monroe, Louisiana and are available to play parties and events in the surrounding area.

Shotgun Wedding


Band Members
Scott Simmons, Ron Aulds, Chad Thomas, Barrett Pepper, Scott Jones, David Manning

Shotgun Wedding performs all over North Louisiana.  We specialize in private parties, wedding receptions, and festivals. This band will put the excitement in your next event!

6 String Circus


6 String Circus is the rockin’ country soul of music today. These guys put everything they have into entertaining you! They love the participation factor in their show, so get ready to rumble! 

The Patty Rambin Band

The Patty Rambin Band is comprised of 5 talented, longstanding Northern Louisiana musicians performi

The Patty Rambin Band is comprised of  5 talented, longstanding Northern Louisiana musicians performing a variety of the best music spanning 4 decades.  Rock, Country, Southern Rock, Blues, etc this band has it all.

The Bands

Flashback 5


This is a rock and pop band that plays 80's, 90's and top 40 hits that take you back and rock you forward.  We have song lists that will please every crowd.

Journey, Commodores, Fleetwood Mac, Bon Jovi, Doobie Brothers, Pat Benetar,  Guns and Roses, Foreigner, Sade, Tracy Chapman, Rick Springfield, John Cougar Melloncamp

Mike McKenzie Band


The Mike McKenzie Band is one of the most well known bands in North East Lousiana.  A consistent crowd favorite, they are recipients of multiple awards, including Best Cover Band by the NELA Music Awards for 2015 and 2016 and an amazing five time 'Best Of The Delta' award winner for Best Cover Band from Delta Style Magazine.       
      Covering a broad range of music and styles, the band is always ready to cater to the audience and keep the party going.


The Cadillac Kings


The Cadillac Kings are some of the best in music entertainment. Pete Bailey, Frank Ferguson, Walt Silmon specialize in 

60'-90's hot and entertaining music and can provide a great time at your party, wedding or any occasion! These guys are some of the greatest in the business for your variety entertainment needs.

Four on the Floor


Four on the Floor is a Louisiana based blues-rock band.  The band was started in late 2017 by veteran musicians Danny Lee Witherington (Guitar/Slide Guitar/Vocals), Dave Reeves (Drums/Vocals), Kenneth Sanders (Bass/Vocals) and Toby Traylor (Guitar/Slide Guitar/Vocals).  This is a powerful band with strong vocals and amazing harmonies.  With a hard-hitting, rocking' style, these Louisiana Born blues men will keep you partying through the night and beyond!!

Charlie Wood Band


Charlie Wood and SMOKIN SECTION BAND are going strong playing live shows across the ArkLaMiss (Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi) and Texas. They bring covers and original songs that won’t let you stay in your seat!   BLUES/ FUNK /ROCK/ SOUL come alive with lots of energy at the Casinos, Large Clubs, Festivals, Private Gigs, and a few local restaurants. Always a party and show with this band! With party rockers to Ballads - they know how to deliver a song and entertain, and they always make you feel like a part of the show! 

Lisa Spann & Co.


 Lisa Spann & Co. 

Lisa and her band will have you on your feet by playing  Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, 60s,70s, 80s.

 This remarkable group satisfies practically all genres and offers an exciting concert style that will have you wanting more!

 Lisa's versatile talent has evolved into a powerhouse entertainment entity to say the least. Check out this mega group  for your entertainment needs!

The Kentucky Headhunters

Dumas Walker

Louisiana Swamp Donky

Southern Way

Bryan Martin & The Silverado Drifters

Oilfield Dad

Four on the Floor



Perfection Mix

Mike McKenzie Band

Great Variety Band

Nashville South

Check out this great video

The Patty Rambin Band

Flashback 5

Variety Mix

Lisa Spann & Co.

Variety Mix

The Cadillac Kings

Variety Mix

Charlie Wood Band

Country Blues Rock

Black Water Brake

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In Memorial

Joshua Black was an outstanding entertainer and won (2) Delta Style awards. He had a love for martial arts and was an accomplished student. He left us too soon.
To you Josh,
the entertainment world will miss you.

Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

Until we meet again, our boy...